Razer Book 13 Price in BD

Razer Book 13 Price in BD:

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Display and webcam:

Razer Book 13

Razer Book 13

Razer very cleverly got the same Sharp IGZO display that Dell used in XPS 13. The 13.4-inch display is one of the best displays I have ever used. The advantages of 4K in this size are only suitable for professionals who really need such a high resolution to handle work-related tasks.

Full HD of this size, appearance, and quality does not even display pixels. Razer claims that these are the thinnest bezels on all 13.4-inch laptops (no doubt this is a small area), but they look great. Due to the higher 16:10 screen aspect ratio, the borders on all four sides are slim, not just three, which is the case in the 16:9 layout. The color accuracy is particularly good, 100% sRGB, 76% Adobe ​​​eRGB, and 80% DCIP3. This is almost the same as XPS 13. Brightness is the same as XPS 13, reaching a peak of 550 nits at the high end and as low as 13 nits when the display is set to zero.

The last question makes Book 13 an ideal choice in a dark room, because you won’t be blind when you work at night. Because this is the same screen as XPS 13, you can get one of my favorite features: anti-reflective coating. The treatment here is very good, making it a breeze to stare at this screen for a few hours, and there is almost no eye fatigue. The webcam is nothing exciting at 720P, but it performs very well in low light and is located on the top bezel. Razer also uses the Windows Hello infrared sensor to log in to Windows instantly, which is perfect.


 Keyboard and Trackpad:

When I first saw the keyboard, I immediately thought it was the same as the one on the Razer Blade Stealth. Is very close, but I think there are some subtle differences that you should be aware of. The layout is exactly the same, which is good. Almost all keys are the correct size and position. For new Razer customers, the only key that may look different is the location of the delete key, which is next to where the power button is (where the delete key should be). I accidentally pressed the power button instead of Del multiple times, but luckily, by default, the power button won’t put your computer to sleep.

Overall, it is a good keyboard. I did my typical typing test, with a score of 46 words per minute and 9 errors, which is a little low for me. The main problem is that I was missing some buttons. During my use, I was able to solve the problem more forcefully than the input I used on my personal laptop (Blade 15). If I keep this laptop, I think it will be easy to improve over time. When I saw the white on the silver keyboard keys for the first time, I immediately thought there might be problems, seeing what the keys are, when it comes to contrast. But this is not the case, because it has never been a problem for me, day or night, not even with white backlighting.

RGB Per-key Backlight:

Speaking of backlight, the keyboard has Razer’s chromatic RGB per-key backlight effect. With Synapse, you can change the color of each individual button to millions of different color options. If you have a Razer device before, you may have seen this, but if you are new to Razer, you will get a treat, because in terms of keyboard backlight software, this is arguably the best of all brands. For me, I kept the cyan color because I think the contrast is the best and not too flashy. But of course I can see the value of coloring certain multimedia keys in different colors, so that I can use them in peripheral vision without looking directly at them.

Razer Book 13

Razer Book 13

My only criticism of the backlight is that some keys are a bit uneven in the backlight, such as the Shift and Enter keys, where all the text will not light up. Is not a spoiler, just an observation that I quickly noticed. The trackpad is exactly what I was expecting, because it’s pretty much the same that I’ve used in all of Razer’s review samples over the years. They’ve really perfected the formula on their touchpad, so there’s hardly any reason to change a thing. It is as large as possible without obstructing your palm.

Finger tracking is smooth and precise. All my multi-touch gestures register as expected. Even pinch to zoom the image feels natural and precise, although you can also use the touch screen on this model. Bottom right corner. I personally use single-click and double-click, because now all touchpads are common. Both methods can work normally.

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