Alienware M17 r3 Price in Bangladesh

Alienware M17 r3 Price in Bangladesh:

Here we bring you the new Alienware M17 R3 which is a very good gaming laptop. Check Alienware M17 R3 Price in Bangladesh with all details from here. From here you will get the best Alienware M17 R3 Price in Bangladesh.


The overall appearance of the Alien ware m17 R3 is the same as your expectations for gaming laptops, but also different from your expectations for rigid gaming equipment. Of course, there are RGB lights flickering and color pulsation on the keyboard, and the overall design of the notebook is on the thicker side to accommodate the internal cooling hardware. But Alien ware is surprisingly stylish and stylish, balancing the aesthetics of gamers with the exquisite design that looks great. The magnesium alloy chassis is made of “Moon White” and is decorated with sturdy black plastic. This appearance adds a Star Wars stormtrooper style to the category known for its black color scheme.

Alienware M17 r3

Alienware M17 r3

If you like a darker color scheme, you can also use a charcoal gray finish on your laptop, which is called the “dark side of the moon.” This 17-inch laptop weighs 6.6 pounds, and its dimensions of 15.7 x 11.8 x 0.8 inches are surprisingly light. The chassis design also adds some visual effects to basic elements such as speaker grilles and vents, and the more futuristic hexagonal pattern looks of fantasy.

At the bottom of the screen is a unique feature: a Tobii Eye Tracking feature, which can keep track of your gaze while viewing the screen, and opens up many cool offers that cannot be found on other PC’s play. When looking away, screen interface elements in some games will gradually disappear, reducing peripheral vision clutter, resulting in a more immersive gaming experience. Helping eye tracking tools can train your map and watch habits check to help you develop a competitive advantage. Some game characters will even react to your gaze or notification inadvertently looking away.

Keyboard and Touchpad:

The keyboard is a full-size unit with a numeric keypad, double-height return key, appropriate cursor keys, and four dedicated macro keys, and key turn. In the UK, the Alien ware is equipped with per-key RGB LED lighting by default, but in the US, the default model is a four-zone model, and per-key lighting requires an additional $ 30. Regardless of the shape you choose, the lights can be easily customized. The keyboard itself is excellent.

The recessed design allows the button to have 1.7mm wide travel, the button is fast, clear and consistent, the weight is moderate, and the base is sturdy. It’s as good to play as a Chiclet keyboard, and anything a dual-screen Razer or Asus machine can provide is better. You can only get a significant improvement by looking for a machine with a mechanical keyboard. The trackpad is good, but it could be better. Its buttons are fast and shallow, so it is very suitable for playing games, but the pad may be larger and too far from the left; when you use the WASD key, your hand can easily grasp it.

Software and Warranty:

Alien ware m17 R3 has almost no expansion. You will still find standard Windows pre-installs such as Candy Crush and Farm Heroes, but there are no Norton trial versions or proprietary multimedia applications. You will find Alien ware Command Center and Alien ware Mobile Connect, these two very useful programs can add new features or concentrate existing features.

Alien ware Command Center acts as the hub of m17 R3 gaming features, allowing users to control the RGB lighting of the keyboard, set the power mode of the laptop, enable and adjust overclocking, access your game library, set music for different tasks, and perform other quality of life functions. At the same time, Alien ware Mobile Connect allows you to connect your phone to your laptop and use the keyboard or screen mirroring application to send text messages. The Alien ware m17 R3 comes with Dell’s standard one-year limited warranty.

Alienware M17 r3

Alienware M17 r3


The latest Alien ware m17 R3 performed well in several important areas. It looks great, has an excellent keyboard and high-quality buttery smooth screen, and is very powerful-it can handle any game task, and your CPU will run like a sickle. Job application. The speakers and trackpad should be better, although using a headset and mouse combination that most gamers are sure to use can easily solve these problems equipment.

Some components and 300Hz displays are redundant for many users, and those who need CPU power will value AMD hardware the most. However, if you choose the right components and don’t mind paying a little more, alien ware can provide excellent performance and quality. On a large and impressive exterior.

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